Over Apple

I hope Apple reads this, I’m over your buggy hardware/software and holier than thou attitude. You buy up all these companies to supposedly make your products better but they just end up getting more pricey and with more problems. I’ve owned a TON of Apple products over the years but we’re abandoning ship. You stopped making routers? Great, yet another thing I have to find another company for. You put all your eggs in the iPhone basket and it’s not even that good. I really hope the bottom falls out for you and it makes you pull your collective heads out of your asses.

My wife and I will absolutely going with the new Samsung Galaxy S8 upon its release and it can’t come soon enough. I hate my iPhone 7plus so bad most of the time I want to smash it and stomp the remaining parts into oblivion.

I unloaded all my Apple stock and the only remaining products I use is my iPhone 7 and the Airport Extreme. Soon that list will be down to zero and I hope others follow suit.

Seriously, fuck you Apple. Oh, by the way apparently a lot of people have problems because the hold times with Apple Support are absolutely insane anymore… used to be less than a minute, now I never get anyone in less than 10.

Again, fuck you Apple. Good riddance.