F*ck Safari and F*uck Apple!!

2017 folks! And crappy Apple’s Safari conflicts with practically everything developed by Apple — including Quicktime! WTF Sad that this shit company continues to defraud the public with their crappy products.

Really Apple….No way to download video from Google Drive

Why oh fucking why can’t I download a video from Google Drive without going through stupid shit……Apple’s company mantra needs to be if your not using an Apple product within the world of Apple FUCK YOU!!!!!! Just switched to Android where I can drag and drop videos from my PC…..WHAT A FUCKING CONCEPT

-P. The Politician


UHM – WHAT JACKASS DECIDED TO “IMPROVE” URL BAR IN SAFARI? Uhm its stupid and useless – Steve would kicked their asses if he was still around. I cant express how retarded its. IF SOMETHING HAS BEEN WORKING FOR YEARS DONT FUCK IT UP!!!!!!!!

Why the fuck does Safari center the URL?


Centering the fucking URL is fucking stupid.  It also makes it a fucking pain in the ass to use!  And does it look better?  FUCKING NO!

Where the fuck is the Title Bar?


Where the fuck is the title bar??  I miss not knowing what webpage I’m on…  Fix that shit Apple!