Apple Photos

No fucking play video keyboard short cut in Apple Photos.

Pressing ESC doesn’t kill the window and take you back. No fucking idea which key does that.

Lets kill off our semi-professional photo workflow app, Aperture and replace it with a pile of stinking shit that is Apple Photos.

Whoever is in charge of Photos should be fucking shot!


Pros don’t fucking use Photos, Apple.

Why the fucking fuck does Photos open when you put a memory card in your mac???? What fucking professional photographer would ever use photos?? Yeah, I know you can tell photos not to open when that card is inserted, but that only works until you FORMAT THE CARD… Which is EVERY TIME YOU IMPORT, if you’re smart!!!!! Simply deleting the photos will eventually end in a corrupt card. STOP BEING A DUMB FUCK, APPLE. Give me a reason to love you again.

Can’t fucking reveal original in finder with new fucking PHOTOS App


Fucking idiots are at it again.  A feature I use ALL THE FUCKING TIME has been fucking removed.  The fuck heads fucked up and removed the Reveal Original in Finder option.  STUPID FUCKING FUCKS!  Now I have to fucking EXPORT the my fucking awesome pictures instead of simply revealing in finder and  then fucking loading them into fucking photoshop.  YOU ASSHOLES!