No headphone jack…really?

Okay, its taken me a couple months to really grapple with the dumbest fucking decision I’ve ever heard of. Let’s COURAGEOUSLY remove the headphone jack…

…First of all, let’s bring Tim Cook out on the battle field and see if “remove headphone jack” level courage is enough to keep from shitting his pants…probably not…sub-rant over.

So they removed this “ancient” connection port that can occasionally drop signal in favor of Bluetooth which regularly drops signal and usually doesn’t even carry the same quality of signal when it IS connected. So Bluetooth can just go fuck itself intermittently in the corner. Let’s talk Lightning adapters. My phone will now have a pencil dick hanging out of its ass forever. Do I want that? Does anyone want that? Is REMOVING a currently capability of the phone something that anyone was asking for. No. Just more battery life.

Let me explain why this screws me so hard. I drive an old car with no bluetooth. In fact, I play my music and podcasts via a tape deck (yeah a fucking tape deck, like my boombox from ’92) on my 60 minute two-way commute. When I finally do get to work, my office is a converted weapons maintenance shop and so it has shitty signal indoors. This means that my battery is drained by the end of the day. While at work I like to listen to music. My network doesn’t allow Bluetooth or USB connections (except keyboard and mouse) so I must use the headphone jack. So on my way home I must, wait for it, listen to music while charging my iDevice. So now that means that I will have to buy that piece of shit extra adapter that can do both; aka pencil dick with elephantiasis (look it up) now permanently hanging out of my phone’s ass.

Oh and for the record, this ancient audio tech is exactly the same tech as 1/4″ and that is an industry standard and will be for at least another generation of audio technicians because there is a worldwide economy built around it.

On the bright side, the phone is now water resistant…just like the Galaxy 7 and its still present headphone jack.

Courageous…that’s just funny. This isn’t courage, this is crazy. Steve Jobs would have fired his ass for this pansy shit.