Fucking Apple is fucking forgetting that their whole fucking plan with fucking Itunes was at fucking, least in part, to fucking provide access to small fucking artists. So fucking what if I only have one album? So fucking what if I’m just a fragile, easily heartbroken poet just trying to put a few carefully crafted tracks up for public consumption? So fucking what? They fucking said no. Fucking Apple, the supposed champions of fucking free and open expression said that my paltry little album was too fucking insignificiant to merit their time. Fucking fuck them in their fucking ears. Fuck.

Fucking up perfectly good iMacs with fucking OS updates

I have an old fucking iMac 2007. I can’t update to the fucking new OS anymore, nor do I want to. I am stuck with that fucking Mountain Lion violence. (I know I have fucking Snow Leopard somewhere) Problem is, my fucking web browsers are no longer supported and it’s starting to cause fucking grief for me. Any fucking outs available? The machine still runs fucking great. fucking thanks