Ripping people off big time

I bought an apple 6 plus phone and have bothing but problems since day one ive paid 3 times now to get it fixed and nothing has been fixed the screen fucks up touch screnn works onlywhen it wants oh and why in the fuck does apple insist on making the worlds most slipperiest phone in the world i swear they want ppl to drop them . Just fucking garbage i will never buy apple products again i gave them a chance and asked for a new phone and them greedy fucking cunts said sorry there is nothing we can do like holy fuck apple is such a shitty product id like to meet the creator of this junk and just beat his fucking ass for being such a dumb shit fucking retard i hope all u rich people in The world burn in fucking hell i cant wait for ww3 and all u fucks to get blown all to hell fuck you apple and if you are thinking about buying apple products dont do it just half as bullshit products then they try to get u to come get the model every year like fuck u apple and you know what no one is to blamebut the peoplewho buy this shit stop buying apple products