Replace Everything iApp

I am about to begin doing this one thing to drastically improve my frustration level dealing with what has become the most poorly written software I have ever fucking had to deal with. I started on the Apple IIe. But today…FUCK APPLE. I hate that company with every bit of passion I can muster. I am searching out excellent options to avoid ever having to look at fucking lame ass iCal and Contacts, iMessage, iFuckedUpTunes, the always avoided App store, iCloud (no better than iDisk) and every other fucking thing patched by ninja hackers ┬áthat were hired by the FUCKING MARKETING IDIOTS acting like spoiled fucking children since Dad died. I can’t wait to watch this company slide into their inevitable demise. Remember the early to mid 90’s. It may take a little longer this time but that same end is coming. Oh yea, I’m going to start my own blog so that I can detail every fucking little thing that goes wrong with Apple pretend software, contrasted with the joy of using any other program I find. FUCK APPLE. SPANKINGS should be delivered daily to every department head and paranoid delusional pretending to be important at the top of the money tree. FUCK!