Fucking Apple is fucking forgetting that their whole fucking plan with fucking Itunes was at fucking, least in part, to fucking provide access to small fucking artists. So fucking what if I only have one album? So fucking what if I’m just a fragile, easily heartbroken poet just trying to put a few carefully crafted tracks up for public consumption? So fucking what? They fucking said no. Fucking Apple, the supposed champions of fucking free and open expression said that my paltry little album was too fucking insignificiant to merit their time. Fucking fuck them in their fucking ears. Fuck.

The combined shit of apple

I just wanted to say that I hate apples Products so damn much!

F*ck Safari and F*uck Apple!!

2017 folks! And crappy Apple’s Safari conflicts with practically everything developed by Apple — including Quicktime! WTF Sad that this shit company continues to defraud the public with their crappy products.

Apple Makes the shittiest fucking chargers in the world

Fuck you apple! Enough said.


they totally skull fucked QT. it does nothing now


The WHOLE POINT OF MACINTOSH SINCE THE 80S IS THAT IT IS AN ABSTRACTION OF A TANGIBLE WORKSPACE Like your office! I should be able to MOVE THE THINGS ON MY DESK AROUND AS I PLEASE. I should be able to arrange my fucking icons as I like. Jesus christ.

But in the 2015 macintosh, I CAN’T EVEN FUCKING MOVE THE CHESS.APP TO ANOTHER FOLDER BECAUSE it is “required by OSX.” Naturally Games Center, Safari, Photos, and a bunch of other shitty apple apps I hate like the gates of death also can’t be removed. Really APple? Chess is required by the os? We gonna have a kernal panic otherwise?? Yea fuck you Jonathan Ives and fuck your shitty turtlenecks and distressed jeans you don’t deserve your fucking KBE.

IN 2016 MACINTOSH, YOU HAVE TO REBOOT INTO RECOVERY, $csrutil disable and then reboot again and do a sudo mv/rm JUST TO MOVE ICONS AROUND. And of course at the next update they’ll get reinstalled.


-angry man

Apple Photos

No fucking play video keyboard short cut in Apple Photos.

Pressing ESC doesn’t kill the window and take you back. No fucking idea which key does that.

Lets kill off our semi-professional photo workflow app, Aperture and replace it with a pile of stinking shit that is Apple Photos.

Whoever is in charge of Photos should be fucking shot!


Really Apple….No way to download video from Google Drive

Why oh fucking why can’t I download a video from Google Drive without going through stupid shit……Apple’s company mantra needs to be if your not using an Apple product within the world of Apple FUCK YOU!!!!!! Just switched to Android where I can drag and drop videos from my PC…..WHAT A FUCKING CONCEPT

-P. The Politician

first of all fuck you.

fix your cocksucking finder you ass hat fucks. no matter what shit I type into terminal or what add-ons I install still your piece of shit finder will display everythign in list view. fuck you. fuck your default bullshit. which circle jerking fuck up decided that the most annoying, animated motherfucking annoying fucking alerts should be there by default? I want to shit down your fucking stupid smug cocksucking faces you fucking sons of cunts. You make shit, you are shit, fuck off and die.
-the dude

Fucking up the fucking music player

Why the fuck can the fucking music player not simply play the music in the order it would be in a cd storage rack. You know artist by artist, album by album??? Who the fuck wants to shuffle their entire library and juxtapose Beethoven and Rage Against The Machine??! Fucking idiots! I searched for a third party app but they are all just as fucked….