itunes 12 is crap

I am old time apple product user, but i DO NOT LIKE forced updates..for example i had itunes 11.4 on mawericks.. everyday i have to respond to itunes upgrade negatively, as i do not like itunes 12.. i do not like the icons and navigation in total, in whole itunes is more bigger app then 11 version.. I had to use pacific to get itunes 11 back but not succesfully, so i did all my account delete, everything erase.. nearly 420gb total active music in my itunes previos 11 version been erased as 12itunes can not be reverted back…ONCE I REFUSED TO UPDATE SO LET IT BE NOT UPDATED….BUT FUCKING DESIGNERS OF APPLE WITH THAT MEGA SHIT ITUNES 12 UPDATED WHILE PC WAS IN IDDLE.. dem them. NEVER GO TO EL CAPITAL, USE OLD MAC OS AND BE HAPPY. INDEED I SAY..THIS EL CAPITAN JUST EL PEDAL…and all apps likely are silentry to be prepared for free upgrade to el capitan or whatsoever..