Where the fuck is the dual socket Mac Pro?


Seriously? Who fucking said, “Who gives a fuck about processing power? People only need one socket.” NO ONE! When you’re talking about a fucking PRO machine, why take power away from the fucking people who need it the most?!?!? PROFESSIONALS!?!?!? YOU STUPID FUCKS!

So I can only hope that the new Mac Pro has a dual socket design that gives professionals the fucking power they fucking need and fucking deserve!

Until then, the fucking trash can is a fucking trash can that is only a little fucking faster than it’s previous generation.

Stupid fucking fucks!

Apple Engineer Talks about 2015 MacBook

MacBook USB-C ONLY is Fucking Stupid!

What fucking moron thought having just one USB-C port on the new macbook was smart?  IT FUCKING WASN’T!  IT’S FUCKING IDIOTIC!  Now if you want to connect, say a USB hard drive…  you need to have one of these fucking things…MJ1K2

For FUCKING $80!!!!  And that’s just if you remember to carry it with you, and fuck who knows what if you forgot it or didn’t think you’d need it.

Could just add a standard USB port, could you?  I could go on, like how much better MAGSAFE is, but it’s not like the fuckheads will listen. Stupid fucks.

External Hard Drives Don’t Sleep With Yosemite

After upgrading to fucking Yosemite, I noticed my external hard drives don’t fucking go to sleep anymore, they just fucking spin and fucking spin.  Snow Leopard was the last great fucking version of OS X.  While there are some nice things in the newer versions, it fucking amazes me how much fucking shit gets fucked up when ever Apple releases a new version of this now shit pile of an OS.  People should be getting fucking fired.

New Mac Mini’s are fucking slower

mac mini 2012 02-1200-80

Go Apple!  Way to make your shit awesome!  Slow it the fuck down!

The 2012 Mac Mini had a quad core option.  The 2014 Mac Mini???  FUCKING NOPE!!  In fact, the newer top of the line Mac Mini is 56% FUCKING SLOWER than the 2012 Mac Mini!

How is are the engineer’s fucking brains not fucking exploding at Apple?

Why the fuck does Safari center the URL?


Centering the fucking URL is fucking stupid.  It also makes it a fucking pain in the ass to use!  And does it look better?  FUCKING NO!