iTunes 12 just fucking sucks


I was trying to figure out why I stopped listening to music when I’m working.  I then realized ever since I updated to iTunes 12 (from version 9) that iTunes just fucking sucks now.  It used to be so simple to search for the music I wanted to listen to (not that I have a lot, but I do have 29,106 songs).  The new search makes me so angry I want to stab my eyes out.  Then there’s the bullshit of it not displaying as much music as it did before. It’s like someone at Apple didn’t get their eye glasses prescription updated when they couldn’t read shit anymore.  It’s also always trying to get me to buy shit.  FUCK YOU!!  I’ll buy shit when I want to shop for shit!  I’d still be using version 9 if I didn’t need 12 to connect to my iPhone.  iTunes needs to be renamed to iSucks…

Why can’t I use my iPad / iPhone / iPod as an external hard drive?

es, I understand there are 3rd party apps that let you do this.  But why the fuck should I have to install a 3rd party app to do something that the first fucking iPod could do?  We’re talking basic computing here folks.  REALLY FUCKING BASIC COMPUTING!


Quick Look is fucking broken


Remember when you could simply press spacebar and view your quicktime files?  Yeah, not fucking anymore!  Quick Look is fucking broken!  Seriously, how do you break shit that’s worked for years!?!?!  Fire the fucker that broke that shit!

Where the fuck is the Title Bar?


Where the fuck is the title bar??  I miss not knowing what webpage I’m on…  Fix that shit Apple!

Shit Apple Does…

This will be a rambling blog of all the crap Apple is doing wrong these days..  you know..  as I see it..  If Steve was still alive, there would be a lot of firing going on…